We still don’t know why Tela’s reefs are so healthy — but we’re working fast to find out.


We operate under “alternative academics.” We collaborate with universities but aren’t tied to their grant cycles. We do faciliate scientific exchanges and dream of establishing a long-term science program.

We self-funded our first expedition, which established baseline scientific information about the bay. This includes nutrients, temperature, light, and coral spawn timing.


Unless people are informed about Tela’s corals, they remain vulnerable. We publish as many stories as possible about Tela to attract the attention of media outlets with a wide reach. One of our top priorities is to engage individuals with the skills and equipment to capture these stories through film, photography, sound, and more, documenting the events on the Rebel Reef.

Community Empowerment:

TelaMarine is Tela’s premier aquarium/research center. They lead all efforts to protect this bay. We amplify their work.

Their aquarium attracts 2,500+ visitors monthly. Admission is free — just watch an 8-minute video about the magic of corals. They’re inspiring the next generation of ocean heroes, and we’re excited to help in any way we can.